CGT fuel injector replacement

Craig D. Niederst niederst at
Thu Oct 3 00:23:36 EDT 2002

I have traced the poor/hard starting condition on my '86 CGT to
leaky/clogged/bad fuel injectors. The car currently has 216k on it, and all
injectors and seals appear to be original. I have five new injectors and
seals ($37 a piece from EuroExpress...another WorldPac distributor) and 5
new brown plastic holder tips and seals. The injector removal and
replacement seems pretty straight forward (Huw's site has a nice writeup on
this), but I was wondering about the replacement of the plastic tips and
their seals. A couple of posts in the archives pretty much say to leave well
enough alone, and trying to remove them is more trouble than its worth since
they are apt to be brittle and crumble easily. Since I have the new parts, I
would like to replace the tips and seals. Any tips or tricks for their
replacement? TIA.

'92 100S (100k)
'86 CGT (216k)

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