4KQ '85 + fogs (existant grill)

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Thu Oct 3 02:34:35 EDT 2002

> << Ah yes, I've heard tales of this fabled lower grille... ;-)

> There was a lower grill

They aren't that rare, geez.

I bought a new one a while back, which means it was under $50, I guess.
I seem to have several, in various stages of decomposition, around

> I had a complete setup that I sold not that long ago for 45 or so $

um, now I think I remember where I bought mine... that was even a set
with the "no lose" thing on the side with that covers the "tow hook", as
I recall.

I had to cut out some of the solid part for my pretend "ram cool air
induction" device.

That's also where the factory fogs go.  As Carter said, in the outboard
end of the central section.  You're not supposed to chop the ends off,
you are supposed to gut the middle out (fins and stuff) and leave the

Huw Powell



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