[urq] UrQ cross country spare parts suggestions?

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Oct 4 11:37:40 EDT 2002

Although it will be a while before your journey--good luck.  I drove my urq
from Denver to Monterey a few years ago ('99).  A great, yet exhausting
drive.  My neck and upper back gets sore after driving the urq for a few
hours (i guess due to no arm rest and constantly correcting the steering
over less than smooth roads-w/ 15x8 Ronals-but not an issue w/ 15x6 or 7).
So bring some ibuprofen or something if your car is similar.  If I were to
take mine on another extended road trip, here's what comes to mind:

Basic tools including allen keys, wrenches, screw drivers, phillips, pliers,
various diameter vacuum hoses
duct tape
elec tape
various size hose clamps
DMM + 3mm
coolant and oil and hyd. fluid-ATF, I believe
small jack
tow strap
fuel pump?

I would definitley give the car a good going over--replacing things that may
be questionable--fuel filter, plugs, clean air filter, cruise control
functional blah blah blah.   That's what comes to mind--some of which is
painfully obvious.  hth.

'84 ur

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> O.K.  I have decided to drive my UrQ from Vegas to
> Boston (I am moving in Dec).  I decided I can buy a
> lot of new parts for the $1200 they want to SAFELY
> ship the darn thing.  So now I am trying to compile a
> list of spare parts and tools to ensure I don't get
> stuck somewhere.  Anybody have any suggestions?  OBTW
> I will be traveling with my 01' A4Q as well.  Thanks
> Eric Harten
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