'85 4kq - overheating - clogged radiator?

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 8 18:18:01 EDT 2002

Thanks for the reply Tony.

I took the radiator out.  It did not appear clogged or have noticable
debris.  I reverse flushed and flushed form differents points with garden
hose.  The radiator almost looks to good to be the original.

I was going to swap with another I had, but plastic end cap cracked when I
was removing from parts car due to stupidity and frustration on my part.

So, I slapped the old one which has metal end caps back in.  I ran some
wires to switch the fan on if it starts heating up again.  The problem
mainly happens when idleing for a long time.

I am still puzzled at why it seems to get very hot up top, to the point
that it was spewing out of the overflow, yet the bottom does not get hot
enough to turn the fan switch on.


On Tuesday, October 08, 2002 3:00 PM, Tony Lum [SMTP:tlum at flash.net] wrote:
> At 10:24 AM 10/8/02 , you wrote:
> >I have been troubleshooting an overheating problem in the '85 4kq -
> >formerly rally car now being pressed into service as my daily
> >driver/beater.  The fan switch circuitry works OK as tested from the
> >at the bottom of the radiator.  I replaced the thermostat, thinking that
> >was not opening - the one I removed was definately not opening all the
> >   I still had the problem.  Car heats up at idle to the point where
> >pressure forces coolant out the overflow cap.  Replaced cap.    I just
> >installed a new thermo-switch.  It seems that the top half of the
> >is getting very hot, but the bottom half is only warm - not enough to
> >the fan switch(also cool).
> >
> >Is it possible the radiator is so clogged that there is no circulation
> >getting to the bottom?  What else can be wrong.
> >
> >BTW I also flushed the system when I replaced the thermostat.  As a side
> >note, if I run the heater and vent fan on high, I can keep the car from
> >overheating (that was after I cleaned the mouse nest out of the squirrel
> >cage - another saga).
> >
> >Ben
> Yes, that can happen.  Luckily I caught mine early enough (it was
> to run hot even at freeway speeds).  When I removed the radiator, I could
> see it was clogged with sediment and white particulates at the
> bottom.  Luckily I ran into a CGT at the wrecking yards with a recently
> re-built radiator.  Slapped it in and temps immediately dropped below
> half.  I could even go back to the stock thermostat rather than the 80
> I had installed, but it runs great and I've got more important problems
> solve.  Be sure your head gasket isn't leaking just in case.
> HTH,
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> Tony
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