87 4k CSQ tranny bad at 67k miles?

Robert ExperimentalError porter_dog at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 11 12:20:06 EDT 2002

   I thought tires too, (always optimistic :) ) so I took the good tires off
of the fine running and driving '86 and put them on the vibrating '87, which
had crappy tires on it at the time.  Regrettably, no change.

  I think what I'll do next is disconnect the CV joints at the transmission
and see if the noise changes.  If not, it's either the tranny or the clutch
(dunno how the clutch could howl like that) and either way the tranny has to
come out so I can have a look at the clutch before commiting to a $1k tranny

  Thanks for the help!


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>I fought that on a 85 and went through the bearings, center diff, drive
>shaft, cv joints and it turned out to be the tires. Only 8k on them and
>replaced it went away. Your other possibility is a very slight flat spot on
>one, or both of the front wheels. These guys say they can balance them but
>trust me, a true wheel is a smooth wheel.
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>Subject: 87 4k CSQ tranny bad at 67k miles?
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> > Hiya, new guy here, liked the 86 4kQ beater I bought last December so
> > shopped for and bought a nicer one, an 87 with only 67k miles on it.
> > since I've had it though there's been a bit of a vibration from the
> > end at speed- you can feel it in the gas pedal.  It's gotten worse,
> > is coming, time to address the problem...
> >
> >   I originally thought it was the wheel bearing, but the noise is not
> > sensitive to sawing the wheel back and forth at speed (slalom-like).
> > night I put it up securely on jackstands and let it idle in 5th.  I then
> > used a stethoscope to try and pinpoint the noise, but was unable to do
> > could hear the noise with near equal clarity at every point I listened
> > It _seemed_ to be worst at the propshaft exit.  It's not the wheel
> >
> >   Tranny lube is fresh and there's plenty of it.  There's no sign of
> > from the transmission or the CV joints, but the heatshield which should
> > protect the inner CV on the passenger side from the downpipe heat is
> > missing.
> >
> >   Tires are all the same and in very good condition.
> >
> >   I spoke with Steve at German Transaxle and he said that the pinion
> > bearings go bad in these transmissions, but not usually so early.  He
> > said it could be the "4 point bearing" (?) which supports the end of the
> > mainshaft.  $2030 for a reman unit with a 2 year warrantee or 'about
> > plus freight to fix this one.  Ouch.
> >
> >   A guy on the audiworld forum suggested that it could be CV related,
> > hard time believing that the trans would be bad at such low mileage, and
> > suggested I try this list.
> >
> >    If you've any thoughts on diagnosis, alternate failures which could
> > causing this noise, or a trustworthy transmission shop in the Detroit
> > I'd be very grateful to hear about it.
> >
> >   Thanks for your time and the bandwidth,
> > Robert Mangas
> >
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