wheel vibration:

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Balancing the tire with no weight on it won't produce the feeling of the
cars weigh on a bad cord.
Also had that happen.
-Scott in BOSTON Thanks for the input!

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I have had the exact same problem with my 92 100s.  It turned out to be a
broken belt in one of my front tires.  got new tires and an aligmnment and
i was set.

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Robert ExperimentalError wrote:

>    I believe you are correct about age and bushings, they could go bad
> sitting around.  Thing is, I get the sound/vibration when the car is
> spinning it's tires on jackstands, so there should be no loading on the
> bushings whatsoever...
>    Thanks for the suggestions though (I'm sure I need bushings too :) ).
> Robert
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> >
> >Balance all four tires?
> >Get New tires?
> >A frame bushings?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >Bushings make the front end flutter at speed above 60 and get worse -
> >flutter at lower speeds like 50 then 45 etc........
> >
> >Mileage may not do them (bushgings) in like usual.  The ozone eats the
> >rubber I heard from someone.
> >-Scott in BOSTON HTH
> >
> >
> >
> >Hiya, new guy here, liked the 86 4kQ beater I bought last December so
> >I
> >shopped for and bought a nicer one, an 87 with only 67k miles on it.
> >since I've had it though there's been a bit of a vibration from the front
> >end at speed- you can feel it in the gas pedal.  It's gotten worse,
> >is coming, time to address the problem...
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