2 Bilsteins and oil in strut?

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The german directions say no oil.  How funny.
Read this section:
We can decipher German and want Bilsteins!

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Thanks Scott, that's exactly what I was looking for!

Greg Roa

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Bilsteins:  No oil in strut.  They are built "upsidedown" as the oil just
cools the piston rod area.
Also the bumper stop is internal.  At least on 200's you discard some items.
Oil is for conventional shocks to disipate heat from the shock getting a
work out from the raod thus genrating heat around the Strut cartredge
( a Boge or similar etc.....)
HTH -Scott in BOSTON 200 & 4KQ

Obvious answer is, don't put any oil in, but why is the reason for this?  O=
r, should I put oil in anyhow?

The only thing that I can think of, is the fact that there seems to be hole=
s on the bottom of the insert, unlike what I have seen on other shocks in t=
he past.  Is this why?

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