Synthetic transmission fluid ?

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Sun Oct 13 16:46:03 EDT 2002

Could these be an exhaust leak somewhere? Maybe closer to the manifold or
after the cat? If the transmission or final drive were acting up you should
feel some difference in the performance of the car. Also if the A/T - final
drive seal is bad, the A/T fluid on the dipstick will look contaminated w/
the gear oil. If the A/T is bad, you will feel problems w/ shifting. You
haven't mentioned that. Maybe it's the final drive just running low on
fluid. Most people never have the fluid changed or even looked at, so the
oil filler gets welded shut. I'd check out the whole exhaust and do a fluid
change to synthetic for both A/T and final drive. For the A/T fluid change,
you need a pan gasket and filter screen. They usually come together as a
kit. good luck finding this one.


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>Subject: Synthetic transmission fluid ?
>Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
>My husband just finished looking at the catalytic converter and it
>looks like new!
>My relief of replacing that has turned to worry about the transmission.
>That is about the only thing left I can thing of to cause this
>*strange whine, growl, howl* when there is load on the car.   The
>sound is rpm dependent and does *not* happen when the car is sitting
>still idling.  The sound changes when I take my foot of the gas, but
>is worse when the car is cold than warm which is giving me
>new-transmission heebie geebies.   :-(
>He is ready to change the transmission fluid to synthetic (as
>suggested by a great member of our list whose email I have lost track
>of . . . temporarily).
>I am wondering if there is a brand or a place on a Saturday that
>someone might recommend ?
>Thanks.    Cheers,   Fay
>              Create a great day !
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