Relay Confusion

Jeff & Jennifer Warner jwarner6 at
Sun Oct 13 19:25:49 EDT 2002

I've been lurking for over a year now. Popping in every once in a while to
get a question answered for my '86 5000S which I just sold. Now I have a
real car. An '89 Pearl White 200 Quattro Wagon. I'm pretty darn happy about
the whole thing.
However, thanks to the negligent PO, I've got a few things to work out,
repair, replace, etc.
I was looking at the relays in the engine compartment last night and
comparing them to the Bentley. There were some discrepancies and a couple
extra relays just lying loose inside the box. I'm working from memory here
but I believe this is what I found.
There was no relay in socket 3 which according to Bentley is the 1st stage
fan in a 200.
There was an identical relay to the one in socket 2 (2nd stage fan)
installed in socket 6 which according to Bentley is supposed to be unused.
Socket 11 is for an A/C relay but there was no relay there.
Everything else appeared to be consistent with the book.
Some additional information that may impact this current situation:
The after run pump was removed. Apparently it wasn't working and supposedly
it was just done but why why why!!!
The after run air pump for the injectors appears to be working correctly.
I'm hearing at least two fan speeds but no fan after shut off.
The A/C appears to be working fine.
Any thoughts/clarification/similar alternate relay layouts?
Thanks in advance.
Jeff Warner
Galloway, OH
'89 200 QTW
'86 Coupe GT

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