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luke wiegandt maytagasm at
Mon Oct 14 00:05:43 EDT 2002

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I picked up a 'performance vw' magazine today and noticed some guy did some=
 nice audi parts upgrades to his car (jetta? lupo? i forget) including audi=
 doorhandles, accessories and an audi S badge...
im interested in knowing where you can get one of these badges (in north am=
erica or even elsewhere).
the badge was a little different than the normal badges... it was kind of l=
ike  S/_/ (ascii art) with the S half in the /_/ part of your typical audi =
badge... it looked amazing and would probably look better than any of the s=
tock audi S badges.
recently i saw pics of the yellow 90 tq (jim green?) on a dyno and i think =
i saw a factory looking "turboquattro" badge on the back of it... pic was b=
lurry... was i seeing wrong? if i wasnt where do i get one?
thirdly... about last year i saw an older euro audi in a pic (on blaufergnu=
gen maybe?) which had an audi S badge that wasnt an S at all but a german f=
lag... anyone know where to get these?

thanks guys
luke wiegandt
'88 90 tq

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