diversity antenna reception?

Alan Pritchard apritchard at seaeye.com
Mon Oct 14 14:40:18 EDT 2002

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Hi marc, when I put mine in on the '89 90 quattro I think that the rear
antenna is the one in use, remember it has an amplifier which you can wire
to the remote on the headunit, also the standard speakers on mine were dire
and I couldn't produce an audible clear level of sound.

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From: Marc Swanson [mailto:mswanson at sonitrol.net]
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Subject: diversity antenna reception?

After I put an aftermarket radio in my 90q I've been annoyed with
horrible radio reception.

My car has the dual diversity antenna setup and I've tried switching
between front and rear antennas with no change in reception.  Some have
said that you can't just simply "t" the two antennas together due to
interference from the combination of the two together.  Incidentally I'm
using an adapter cable to connect from a standard radio plug to the
"snap" style connectors on the 90.

Is anybody else getting poor radio reception from this setup?  Any

In addition, I'm not sure if this is because of my head unit or the
antenna(s) but I have to have my radio cranked almost all the way up to
listen to the radio at any kind of audible level...


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