Used Car Extended Warranties

Jim Bonnet jimbo at
Mon Oct 14 08:53:22 EDT 2002

Christopher Ritchie wrote:
> While looking for used A6s, used car dealers have offered warranty plans
> costing from $1100 to $2000.  I realize most of them are probably rip-offs
> with a big commission going to the selling dealer.  But are there any that
> listers have had good experience with?  Are there any that allow the car to
> be fixed at a dealership?  I know Audi dealers have their "Certified"
> program, but, for various reasons, I will not be buying the car at a
> dealer.

There is a group-purchase now with the S-car list from:

They appear to be a decent firm, and several listers have purchased
coverage recently or used them in the past. I think the GB is about $75
off the total, which is spread over a few years. I didnt do it because
in California it appears Im not eligeable for the service.

The usual disclaimers apply..

Jim Bonnet

drive it like you stole it....

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