NAC Bugbear virus warning, Unix dirived OS ignore

SJ syljay at
Mon Oct 14 20:22:39 EDT 2002

I got that email also. Below is my reply which includes virus information.
The email sender was dohnal at . The email I sent him bounced, so
I guess its a phony email address generated by the virus.

- - - - - - - - -

Your email sent me the following message:


University Audi is fine with me. The sales guy I worked with on Tuesday was
really good, and I enjoyed the 2 hours I spent there. A much better
experience than at our dealer in Beaverton.

When we took our son's 95 Infiniti in for its check about a month ago they
found 3 discrepancies: The clutch adjustment (it was really way off), a

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Your email contained an attachment called "MyMoney.m.scr"
This attachment was flagged by my Norton Antivirus software as a virus.

Download a trial version of Norton Antivirus, and clean up your PC.          Look for "Trialware" in lower
right area of that window.

Virus name is W32.Bugbear at mm

You may not even know that your system is sending out emails to ppl in your
address book.
Dont use your email program until you get your problem fixed! Dont spread
the virus!

88 5kq
90 100q

> Message: 15
> From: quattrohead at
> To: quattro at
> Subject: NAC Bugbear virus warning, Unix dirived OS ignore
> Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 20:50:15 +0000
> I have had 2 virus infected emails sent to me today from
> Audifans email list users. Look out for what appears to
> be a reply to a thread with a size of 70Kb or attachment
> of that size. This is a new virus so keep yourselves up
> to date.
> --
> Kevin Phillips
> 1998 A6 Avant---now 2002 Toyota Highlander "quattro"
> 1995 900 SET

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