[urq] silly idiot, urqs are for adults

Wed Oct 16 09:45:44 EDT 2002

thank you, to me it looked like he was just trying to have some fun!
granted that would not go over in most clubs but there are lots where they would not even notice it who knows maybe he was out of control but somehow I dont think he was just showing off for the camera.


>>> Eric Renneisen <racingiron at comcast.net> 10/15/02 08:52PM >>>
Someone wrote:
> That thing put some serious power down coming out of that messy
> corner where he almost lost it

Am I the only one who knows a "Scandinavian flick" when I see one?
He did it on purpose--not for speed, but for the camera I presume.
Pretty impressive to pull it off on tarmac.

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