I-5 oil pump

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 17 00:34:20 EDT 2002

I opened one up once.  It was difficult.  I used a very sharp large
phillips and hammer - hammered phillips while turning.  Eventually the
screws cracked loose.

I needed to change a housing as it was cracked and wanted to compare to
another.  Anyway, after a successful operation, I concluded that there is
very little that can go wrong with these pumps.  The physical damage to
mine was just that - engine had been dropped and landed on the pump
housing.  Other than that, by design, you can tell that even a very worn
impeller is going to pump due to the positive displacement type of pump -
hard to explain here, but there is probably a name for it.

I would attribute this as one of the major reasons the I5 is so durable.
 Compared to the 4 pot VW motors, these oil pumps will last forever by
design, as well as being crank driven.

You probably are wasting your time dissasembling to check, unless you think
there might be dirt in it.  If it turns fine, use it.


> I can't get the oil pump gear cover plate off. It just has
> phillips head screws, but even w/ a impact screw driver, the heads just
> seem too soft. I don't want to have to worry about my oil pump on a
> motor, so I wanna at least take a peak. Any ideas or experience w/ this?
> should  I just forget it? Thanks.

I have had soem luck with these.  Not much, though.  I think out of
three I tried to open up, only one yielded.  But then, it didn't matter
much as far as I recall, so I didn't try really hard.

You might try some heat to make those six bolts easier to loosen?

Huw Powell



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