Speedomete/Odometer Question

Perry, Christoper (EDS) chris.perry at weyerhaeuser.com
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The alternative would probably be to take your speedometer out, ship it to a
repair station, pay around 100.00, and have a nice reconditioned speedometer
to put back in.  I did not feel like driving for a week without a
speedometer and now I have an extra cluster for parts, bulbs, gauge faces,

Of course by purchasing a used cluster it could be good for 100K miles or 1K
miles, you just never know.


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So would you just recommend getting a new gauge cluster?  I figure $70-$80
is a relatively cheap and simple fix for an Audi.


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I have an 89 90q and my Odo. went bad.  When I was considering fixing it
tore the whole thing apart and found a plastic gear with one tooth
When it would rotate around to that tooth it would stop.  I tried to
a replacement and even found a speedometer shop that would sell it to me
(kind of under the table), but I eventually ordered a used cluster from
Chris at Force5 for 75.00.

I still would like to try and source a bunch of replacement gears
because I
think this is a common point of failure for the electronic speedo.
Basically the electronic signal pulses a stepper motor that turns this
which, in turn, rotates the Odometer.  Fairly simple setup, ultra cheap
part, VERY hard to find.  I was even considering having some made to
give to
people who had this problem but I got busy with some house remodel stuff
just ordered the replacement cluster.

Now I might use the gauge faces from my old cluster to manufacture some
white gauge faces...when I have the time. ;^)

Chris Perry
89 90q

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Bhatti, Mohammed writes:
> Car is an 88 80q.
> My odometer has stopped working but the speedo is fine.  I searched
> the Bentley and it mentions a speedometer sensor on the transmission.
> Couldn't find anything about the odo though.  Is this sensor also
> the odo?  Do I need a new speed sensor or is their something else that
> broken.

The speedometer sensor is also used for the odometer.  If the
works fine then the sensor is good.  The problem is likely to be
inside your speedometer (a broken or stuck gear).

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