Tool number 2069

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Thu Oct 17 22:24:56 EDT 2002

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>I have the tools.  $10 to loan etc........
>-Scott in BOSTON
> click on the Audi rings and look under suspension 200 10V
>Apparently getting the old strut insert out and the new strut in
>requires a special tool . .

>Tool number 2069

>page 40.14 of the Bentley Manual for 89 Audi

>Do I get this from someone like Snap-On ?

>Cost ?

>Has anyone devised anything that will work ?

>Thanks,  Fay
>'89 Audi 200 Turbo (No Q) Automatic
>.West Hartford, CT

Can You still get Box Spanners in the US? Melco 13/8" Whit IIRC fits

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