1.6 bar overboost on MC-2?

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Thu Oct 17 19:07:18 EDT 2002

Yes, over"spin" (the turbo) possibly/probably, but not overboost.


Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net" <bswann at worldnet.att.net  wrote:

Michelin Man hose will not cause overboost, but the opposite, low boost or
no boost.

Most common overboost cause I think is the lower wastegate hose.   Don't
crack your wastegate open until you have verified.   You can test the
wastegate operation with a mityvac (or by mouth if you don't have one).
 Apply suction on the upper hose, pressure on the lower.


[What was the common cause for 1.6 bar overboost spikes
in an MC-2 engine?  Was it torn wastegate gasket or MM

Jim Accordino]

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