Engine timing questions...

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Mon Oct 21 11:44:14 EDT 2002

My recollection is that the England one is for the 5kt and the Germany one
is from the 4kq.  I does not matter which you use.

The proper mark is the notch on the back of the gear which lines up with
the gasket.  Make sure you verify TDC with the #1 cylinder actually being
at the top of its bore + the 0 mark on the flywheel aligned in the
bellhousing hole pointer.  I found the harmonic balancer mark had slipped
on my 5ktq when I swapped in the 260/254 cam.


[Having pulled the head off my 5KT a few months back, I'm finally getting
all back together. However, unfortunately I also have parts from a
dissassembled 4KQ in the garage and am not sure which cam gear is which.
Both have the same part number, however there are a few differences...

Cam gear 1 has the part number and "Germany" stamped on the shallow dished
part of cam (the "spokes" if you will) There is a small dimple on one of
cam teeth oriented 180 degrees away from the woodruff key slot. The reverse
side has a square mark between two of the teeth which does not concide with
the dimple on the other side.

Cam gear 2 has the pn and "England" stamped on the deeply dished side along
with a notch instead of a dimple oriented 180 degrees away from the
key slot....

Since they both are from 5 cyl motors, I'm guessing it does not matter
overall. But any ideas which came from the 5KT and what is the real timing
mark (the one that lines up with the top edge of the head)?

The 4KQ was an 87 and the 5KT was an 86...



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