I hate deer.

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Make no mistake my friends .. This was no accident.

Here in Minnesota, and I imagine it's the same elsewhere, the deer have
organized themselves into a deadly network of kamikaze car destroyers.
They've effectively removed two of my fine German automobiles from the
roads with frightening efficiency and cunning.  And the threat continues
to grow as do their ranks.  At the turn of the century (and this is
actually true) a wildlife survey estimated that there were 500,000 dear
in the US.  Now almost 500,000 dear are hit by cars every year.

During one attack, a deer leapt from its hiding place in the ditch
crashing its head into to the windshield.  Its body swung to the left
side of the car and a hoof or antler or something came thru my open
driver's side window and punched my in the cheekbone.  I was nearly

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I hate deer.  Less than one week after I get my fog lights installed and
my headlights relayed, a _very_ large deer decides to lay down in front
of my car.  Yes - it laid down.  I'm not sure if it was tired and needed
a nap, or if it had a heart attack and died on the spot.  I was going
about 70 mph on a 2 lane highway, when the deer jumped right out of the
woods in front of my car, and laid down on the asphalt just before I ran
it over!  I had no choice but to run it over.

I suppose it would have done significantly more damage had it hit it
while it was standing.  I was able to drive the car home, and I was
uninjured, so I'm thankful for that.

My newly installed fog lights are both smashed, as is my grille and one
headlight (probably from the deers head).  The major problems are
underneath.  The deer ripped the lower radiator support off from the
radiator, and bent it down about 5 inches.  Also, the "fork" looking
piece of hardware (on the drivers side) that appears to hold the front
sway bar against the subframe was bent down, which appears to have
slightly bent the front subframe on that side.

Don't even ask about the fatty, furry clumps and chunks I had to remove
from under there today.  VERY GROSS.

Any suggestions on what to do if the front subframe is bent?

'85 4kq - with meat and fur.

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