re. More on audi wheel bolts/studs/torque

Ben Swann bswann at
Tue Oct 22 01:36:24 EDT 2002

Well said - I have been using the stuff for years and never had a problem.
 The only problems I really have is when I aquire a car and the lugs are
literally galled to the hub.

If you are racing and swap wheels often, then perhaps this doesn't apply.


[Ok so why in my dealership in the UK do the techs put anti seize on the
el bolts then????

I can understand the logic for race car applications but the average man
 the street isn't going too impressed when he has to change a wheel in the
pissing rain in the middle of winter and can't get the bolts off because
ey have seized on. We all know that the standard wheel changin kit in cars
is pathetic, thats why all sensible q listers keep a decent sized breaker
ar and torque wrench in the boot!!!!


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