clutch pressure bleed but not vacuum bleed?

brian tanner basicrhetoric at
Thu Oct 24 23:07:54 EDT 2002

I have seen a clutch slave kick my ass trying to bleed it with a vacum
bleeder 'cause the vacum will suck the plunger/piston inside the slave out
of position allowing fluid to move past the piston and fill up the dust boot
with fluid which makes it look like the slave is leaking fluid.

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>Subject: Re: clutch pressure bleed but not vacuum bleed?
>Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 10:50:33 -0700
>When I replace the clutch in my 89 200TQ I bleed the cylinders by hand.
>When I had the trans, out I removed the clutch slave
>cyl. and took it apart and cleaned it out.  There was a bunch of black goo
>inside.  After reinstalling it I filled up the master cyl. with fluid
>I attached a hose to the bleeder valve of the slave,  I would loosen the
>valve and then push in the rod then close the valve and let the rod come
>After 5 or 10 times I got clean brake fluid and all the air out of the
>system.  I made sure there the master cyl. was toped off during the
>It worked like a champ and was easy because there was not trans. in the way
>when I bleed it.
>Pat Korach
>Kirkland, WA
>Levels, Stephanie wrote:
> > All the archives talk about pressure bleeder.  Does this mean that
> > bleeding will not work or just that no one does it that way?
> >
> > My car is an 86 5ktq
> >
> > Stephane

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