92 20v Turbo motor FS on Ebay

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> The person who wrote the ad isn't familiar with Audi engines and models,
> and appears to be stuck in the 80's. That doesn't make him/her a criminal,
> but they may not have accurate answers to your questions.

My point was that maybe he knows exactly what he has, and is playing the
"country bumpkin" role to throw anyone off his true identity. Auctions are
frought with such behavior, as everyone things they are dealing with someone
easliy taken advantage of, only to have it happen to themselves.
No accusations mind you, just my internal BS meter was bouncing a little.

"All I can do is put myself in the vicinity of the truth and then hope to
understand the evidence encountered."
             Dr Richard Swenson  Hurtling Toward Oblivion

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