Windshield replacement: what to look out for?

Andrew Duane USG duane at
Mon Oct 28 07:49:00 EST 2002

Hairy green toads from Mars made Chris Newbold say:

> Well, my S4 took a nasty rock hit on the front windshield and now it
> looks like it's developed a crack. The hit was about 1/4 from the edge
> of the glass, right up at the top...
> Anyone with advice on replacement in general or from BTDT on B5-bodied
> A4/S4s? I'm probably just going to go through the dealer so that I get
> the right replacement glass and someone who's done a few of these
> before...

Just replaced the windshield on my A6Q (I think the other dealer
broke it, but that's another story).

Most/all dealers just contract it out to local glass companies.
Most of them are pretty good. Mine is OEM glass, complete with the
4 rings and even an Audi part# I think. Installed correctly, no
problem. I had mine done at the dealer while it was in for a
regular maintenance, but most shops will come to you. This is one
of those things you want done by someone who does them all day,
not by someone who read how in a book, and watched one last year.

BTDT x 2.


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