tran/diff drain/fill plug help needed

james accordino ssgacc at
Mon Oct 28 16:43:02 EST 2002

I had NO luck with the drain on my rear diff.  I tried
every trick I knew.  Heat, beat, lube (Kroil), more
heat (torch), impact drivers, impact gun (550 ft lbs.
torque).  NO luck.  Finally gave up and drained
through the input shaft cover (was changing the seal
and o-ring anyway) and filled through the normal fill
plug which came out without problems.  Fill and drain
on the tranny also came out without probs.

Jim Accordino

--- CTDiesel at wrote:
> Can I get some ideas on how to loosed the drain and
> filler plugs on 87
> 4000csq?  I think they are torqued more than the
> 18ft. lbs required.  I have
> the 17 mm allen but am afraid to strip the the plug.
>  Can i heat the plugs
> with a torch first?
> Thanks
> DJ

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