SPAM anyone? - no thanks I'm full

Len & Bonnie Lubbers lubbers at
Mon Oct 28 21:47:05 EST 2002

It is more than coincidental that we have been getting about 5 or 6 extra
junk messages per day since I joined this list.

I am no net geek but is having the archives open to the world a good thing?
I have been part of other lists that restricted archives to list members
(hello, David Templeton!).

Len Lubbers
1988 90
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

From: Kneale Brownson <knotnook at>
Subject: Re: SPAM anyone?

It's not off the audifans list, Mark.  I've gotten nothing from the US
Marines, and I'm on three of the audifans lists.

At 08:47 PM 10/27/2002 -0800, Mark Vogt wrote:

>Fellow listers,
>Has anybody been getting an unusual amout of SPAM lately?
>On top of a bunch of other young-demographic stuff for the past month, I
>just got an offer from the US Marines that is about 33 years late. They
>could'nt get me then either.
>Who monitors this stuff?
>Mark Vogt

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