Got a couple of weekend questions

Huw Powell human747 at
Tue Oct 29 00:19:11 EST 2002

> Second, after a serious rainfall earlier this week, I noticed water in
> my interior. More specific, in the glove compartment! From Tuesday
> afternoon to Wednesday, we got some 5" of rain here. Some of this
> entered my car, my owners manual is now a little bit soaked. Is there
> anyone here that knows the reason and possibly BTDT? Tips would be great!

Leaks at the windsheild edge can be common... but the reason I am
replying is to warn you of problem associated with that leak finding its
way into your fuel and/or ignition control units.  The gradual corrosion
will eventually stop the car from running right, if it gets started, so
dig in and make sure they are clean and dry!

Huw Powell

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