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Thu Oct 31 23:10:38 EST 2002

>Peter wrote:
>You can make one for about $3 at radio shack.  Get a cigarette lighter plug,
>and a 9V battery plug.  Connect them together...
>Before you disconnect the main battery, stick this thing into the cigarette
>lighter, then unhook the main battery.  It will provide just enough power to
>keep the radio (and ECU) settings.  Couple of warnings:  Make sure you
>unhook the main battery promptly after you plug in the 9V battery.  Also
>never forget to remove the 9V battery after reconnecting the main battery.
>You don't want them both plugged together for long because the 12V main
>battery will attempt to "charge" the 9V.  The result is that it will get
>hot, leak, burn, let's not go there....
>Huw wrote:
>Putting a diode in the doohickey you are making will prevent this
>reversed current flow, which, as you point out, would be very bad for
>the 9 volt battery.  1 amp diodes are pretty cheap at RS as well.
>Another minor warning, be careful to avoid turning anywthing on in the
>car while this is set up, if you pull that 9v down far enough you'll
>lose the radio anyway.  Not sure if the 9v battery has enough oomph to
>run the interior light(s), door chime, etc.

Totally awesome!   Thanks Peter and Huw !!!!!!!!

Is it true if it gets lost I can get it from the dealer in a simple fashion ?

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