compression tests

ricematthews ricematthews at
Sun Sep 1 03:33:34 EDT 2002

A bad head gasket could be another culprit.
Has the car overheated recently?


20 lbs is bad, Pat, very bad. You've probably got a burnt or damaged valve
in that cylinder. Try squirting oil in the cylinder and repeating the test.
If the compression comes up, it's rings, if not it's valves. These engines
are quite reliable - I haven't heard that valves springs are a problem.


Fred Munro
'94 S4


Hi all,

Just finished doing a compression test on the 86 5ks with 150k on the
clock. How bad is it if one cyl (# 4) is only putting out 20 lbs? cyls
1,2,3 & 5 are very close at about 140 lbs per.
 Have valve springs been an ongoing  problem with this model? any other
btdt's would be greatly appreciated.


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