A8 Resale And Audi USA

ricematthews ricematthews at msn.com
Sun Sep 1 04:20:59 EDT 2002

I'm surprised that your service at Don Rosen Audi was so good.  My
experience with them has been horrible.  I took the A4 in for the timing
belt/water pump, etc. service along with a list of warranty items - mostly
leaky seals and gaskets.  They charged me a full 33% more than the estimate
(I would think they know what it would take to do a timing belt job -
considering that they told me they replace everything when they do the job
as it is a very labor intensive project), and I've been back 3 times so far
to correct things that they screwed up, including a cross threaded lug bolt.
I find them to be slow, condescending  and unapologetic.  A friend who has
been there has had no better service than me and he bought a 2001 A4Q from
them new and his father bought a 2001 911 Cabrio new there as well.  Now
that my car is out of warranty, I think I'll be looking for a good
independent shop.
I'm not sure what BMW dealer you are referring to either - Otto's, perhaps?
Certainly not Rosen or Devon Hill?

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