Inside rear deck brake light removal.

Donald Lamond dlam119 at
Thu Sep 5 22:20:59 EDT 2002

As Huw mentioned in one of his recent posts, the removal of the rear
brake light that is mounted inside the car on top of the rear deck is a
real pita.

The light itself and the inner bracket can be removed just by squeezing
the sides and pulling on the insides.

That done, things get a little more difficult.  Kneeling on the rear
seat facing the rear window the next thing to do is to pull outwards on
the bottom of the clip  with a pair of needle nose pliers (one clip on
each side) while using your third hand to push the unit up.  If you only
have two hands, you can alternate pushing up from side to side while
pulling the clip towards yourself.  This bracket is held to the glass by
two metal pieces , one on each side.  These pieces dovetail into the
plastic bracket.

The last maneuver, removing these two metal tabs, I found to be the most
difficult.  I chiseled them off with a very sharp 3/8 wood chisel. I
have never seen such an adhesive.  It makes epoxy look like silly
putty.  What an adhesive!

I should also thank the sun which beat on the window all day and which
made the local temperature soar into the 90's


84 4Ks

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