audifans statistics, user info?

auditude at auditude at
Fri Sep 6 17:28:32 EDT 2002

Thanks Marc, and Mark.

How about information about how many people are subbed to the list?  Since you have to be subbed to post, that list might be good to show active users.

Is that something I can (best) get by sending an "info" request to the list software?  I'm looking more for something I can point to that resides somewhere, like the webalizer.



Marc Swanson <mswanson at> wrote:
> > I remember Marc or someone put some data together for statistics on the Audifans list.
> Wrong Marc.  That was actually Mark Chang.
> I use the same software (webalizer) on my website (which is very
> usefull.. when the server is actually up :-(   ).

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