Zygmunt; Bimmerparts

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Sep 8 23:41:40 EDT 2002

I, also, am awaiting the refund for the same relays I returned to them.

At 12:43 PM 09/07/2002 -0600, ccohen5 wrote:

>I am having the same experience trying to get a credit for the wrong relays
>they sent me.  Their web site advertised the relays that permit adjustable
>intermittent wipers on the Urq but they sent versions that not only had a
>different part number but were known not to have the same function.
>This problem is documented elsewhere (BTW have not found the correct relays
>as yet) and I have been trying to get a credit from them despite my
>receipted return.
>I think this problem is a function of the "dying dot com syndrome".

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