Why we drive old Audis

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 9 17:57:54 EDT 2002

My friends ask 2 questions every time they ride in my
car.  "HOW fast are we going?" and "How MANY miles
does this car have?"-Now 230k.  Next is "How come your
car doesn't squeak and rattle like mine?".

Jim Accordino
ps-One friend finally leans over and goes "We're going
110."  I said "Yeah, you were fine til you saw the
speedo.  Relax."

--- Mike Arman <armanmik at n-jcenter.com> wrote:
> Just got done putting a new(er) motor into dear
> bride's M*zda 323.
> She had 188,000 VERY hard miles on the original, and
> her idea of automotive
> maintenance is to remark that such and such needs to
> be done - and that's
> it! Anyway, the little 1.6 OHC engine soldiered on
> since 1991, but had
> lately gotten *very* tired - starting to burn and
> leak oil, not much power,
> basically, it has had a hard life was just plain
> worn out.
> Found an engine with 75K on it out of a wreck (so we
> know it was running -
> that's how it got wrecked) hit on the side, bought
> it, had someone install
> it - I didn't want to do quite that much work on a
> car that I simply don't
> find very interesting, so I paid someone else to do
> it.
> Got it back ($1,500 later, of which $1,000 was
> parts, parts, parts, because
> LOTS of other things were worn out too), and it runs
> fine, peppy, smooth,
> strong, well worth it, and now she'll keep it until
> the odometer says
> 300,000 or so - we anticipate six or seven more
> years.
> Complaint - "It makes a lot of noise - your car
> doesn't make anywhere near
> that much noise, and your car is five years older,
> it's a 1986."
> Answer - "Well sweetheart, my car cost $33,000 back
> in 1986, your car cost
> $7,000 in 1991."
> "Oh."
> Funny thing is her car isn't really exceptionally
> noisy considering what it
> is: A simple, pretty much non-soundproofed econo-box
> - and you know what,
> my car is *really* quiet - and I love it!
> Best Regards,
> Mike Arman

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