Fwd: Re: Lack of Power in the 1000-3000 RPM Range

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Tue Sep 10 19:31:08 EDT 2002

> I should have stated that it is a 4000 series.  Sorry about that.

that helps...

> >   Anyway, I have noticed that in the range of 1000 -> 3000 RPM, the
> car
> >seems to lack any Torque.  After the 3000 rpm It does very well.  Is
> >this common, or is something out of wack?

> >   I also have one other question.  There seems to be a whirring
> noise
> >coming from under the hood, at idle, and all speeds.  A buddy of mine
> >told me it was either the timing belt (which is new), or the water
> pump.

My gut, besides general tune up issues, would be to think the timing is
off a tooth or so at the belt, moving the power band up high.

Your car should have fairly happy grunt, within its modest power

Huw Powell



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