are a 90's power mirrors repairable?

Huw Powell human747 at
Wed Sep 11 01:31:13 EDT 2002

> anyone know: are the power mirrors disassemblable/repairable if the motors
> break on the 90 [1988]?

They do come completely apart.  With any luck they go back together,

> anyone know if the motors from my 5000's mirrors would work in the 90's
> mirrors?

I don't think so, but I threw away all my molested 5k mirrors a while
ago.  I do know the glass is interchangeable left to right.

You're sure it's the motor and not the switch?

I think, btw, you pop off the little trim ring thing around the opening
for the mirror glass, then snap out the mirror itself (or is it a
locking ring like the type 85?  Um, mebbe better do some research,

OK, that was one big heavy box.  You owe my chiropractor!

Yup, the rearmost bezel thing pops off with persuasion.  Then the glass
also pops out, with persuasion.

The motor mess is held in by four small torz head bolts, so, yes, it is

An easier route would be to buy another mirror from somewhere like Force
Five.  They easy to remove and swap (twist housing down and forwards,
kinda, to expose two bolts to door).


Huw Powell

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