do I have a "Frankenstien" Quattro?

Ti Kan ti at
Thu Sep 12 14:11:09 EDT 2002

Ryan Helms writes:
> I looked up the AudiWorld spec sheet on the '86 4kCSQ
> and noticed my red leather interior is not a listed
> option. Also, the engine spec sticker under my hood
> lists a 1.8L, mine is a 2.2L 5 cyl. What gives?
> Interior/hood swap? A VIN search listed a 1986 4000 S
> Quattro, the trunk badge on mine is "CS". What do I
> have?

You have a '86 'Commemorative Edition' 4000CS quattro.  It has
a 2.2L 5 cylinder engine.  The Commemorative cars have red leather
interiors.  Your hood has probably been swapped with a 4-cylinder
FWD 4000S, hence the wrong label.  Look for possible accident

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