5K won't idle, stalls, won't start for a few minutes but drives above idle

cjcasati at hotmail.com cjcasati at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 12 19:05:43 EDT 2002

Hello all,

I seriously need help, wife is due with 1st child in 10 days and the 90 is
down with the radiator cracked, now the 5K is acting up:

At lunch the car was hard to start, then drove fine. Tonight it started but
wouldn't keep idle. Drove a few hundert feet and it stalled at an
intersection, refused to start. Pulled the codes, there were none, hammered
around on the ISV, no luck. Then it started up hesitantly and I managed to
drive it back to the house, above idle it drives fine. At the house I
stopped, it wouldn't idle and won't start up for a while. Is this fuel
related? I hear the pump humming in the back at the usual noise level, plus
it drives above idle, basically when you let it idle it will cut off and
will not start for a few minutes.

Help! Any pointers are appreciated, in my 2 years on the list I don't
remember reading about this combination and the archives don't give anything
that would make sense. Injectors flooding the engine at idle?

Thank you so much for any help

86 5k 173K
88 90 150K
Richmond, VA

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