Rebuilt A/C compressor warranty woes

Wallace White wallace at
Fri Sep 13 09:02:07 EDT 2002

All -

Upon further investigation, the mechanic found that the A/C clutch was
the only failed component. It makes sense: the clutch was not fully
disengaging nor fully engaging, so the system made noise all the time
and the A/C wouldn't blow cold. (The old clutch was reused when the
compressor was replaced.) The system is working well now.

So, the issue of the Four Seizins compressor warranty became a moot
point. Here's hoping it stays that way...

Thanks, all, for the helpful knowledge and advice on the topic. Next
time (not on this car, I hope!), I'll make sure the orifice valve and
accumulator are replaced, and I'll find a more reputable compressor.

- Wallace
   '87 5kcstq 190k

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