Urq boost enrichment Q's

Dave Glubrecht daveglu at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 18 11:03:36 EDT 2002

I recently bought an 83 URQ and I am thrilled with it.  I have owned and
worked on Audi's for a long time, but I have a question reguarding fuel
enrichemnt under boost.
  First, it is known that this car has a problem with cold start and I know
that this is almost certainly the warm up regulator.  The car has some
surging when under boost, the previous owner thought this was likely due to
lack of shrouding around the intercooler but I think it feels more like lean
surge.  I also think the the car is running lean due to the amount of heat
generated in the exhaust manifold.  I do not have tools to check mixture
under boost or a pyrometer.
  My main question is, Does the warmup regulator affect mixture due to
Additional questions, How to check mixture under boost (I have always only
had access to engine analyser CO/HC meter)
Where ot get pyrometer and how usefull?
If problem not caused by warmup regulator, any sugestions on richening full
throttle mixture?
Idle has been set propperly.
       Dave G

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