Master or Slave Cylinder?

Graham COLLIN assoc at
Fri Sep 13 21:23:44 EDT 2002

I had the exactly the same sympton on an 86 coupe. In this case it was the
Master cylinder. The clutch fluid was very black when I bought the car and
the bills showed several Clutch part replacements with expensive clutch
problems. Thus I thought elsewhere, I bought a new master cyliner because I
guessed that was actually sticking. On strip down the spring in the M/C had
actually rusted and broken. The M/C was not worn or damaged, the spring just
didn't work.
In the UK the M/C is about £40 ($60?)
It is easy to change once you do it properly!

Subject: Master or Slave Cylinder?
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 16:05:11 US/Eastern

Hello listers.

My clutch pedal is not coming back.  When I press it down, I can still shift
but it only
comes back about
1/4 of the way and I have to pull it up with my foot.  Soon it will fail
completely, I
know, just hope I can
make it home from work today.
Is it the master cylinder that is failing, or the slave cylinder, or perhaps
both, or
still something else.
All suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks.

91 V8Q 5-sp. (needs differential seal)
88 90 Q (needs master or slave cylinder, or both!)

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