Another 1 bites the dust; Was: Bosch fuel pump death

Joshua Van tol josh at
Mon Sep 23 21:54:16 EDT 2002

>> Could it have not been the fuel pump that caused the
>> breakdown? This
>> test doesn't have a pressure load like real use
>> does...
>> - Wallace
>>    '87 5kcstq 190k

Have you checked the fuel pump relay? Those are very shoddily
constructed IMHO, and could cause a problem like you describe. If you
remove it, pop the cover off and look at it you can see if it has
failed solder joints. If you do decide to touch them up, watch out for
leaving any loose balls of solder in there to cause a short and destroy
the fuel pump driver in your ECU like I did. I still have spare
transistors btw, if anyone needs one.

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