Audible Audi vacuum leaks?-longish

B Vibert blur at
Tue Sep 24 22:30:53 EDT 2002

Another thing to remember is not all leaks make noise within the range
of our hearing.  We actually have an "ultrasonic leak detector" at

I've usually had luck with the propane hose method.

Burl Vibert
1987 5kcstq
Kingston, Ontario

james accordino wrote:
> Open the hood again and look
> around.  "Start it up."  The minute he starts the car
> my eyes go right to the top of the intake.  There
> right on the "tree" the distributes vacuum, I hear it
> plain as day.  Check one of the small feeder hoses and
> sure enough, split right at the bend off the tree.
> Anyway the point of this is, probably many of us are
> chasing nonexistant vac. leaks and second guessing
> ourselves.  If you've heard a vac. leak, you'll HEAR
> it.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't still inspect our
> rubber boots and hose connections.  I need to remove
> several of these elbows to change my air filter
> anyway, so I give them the once over then.  BTW, his
> fuel ecomony increased dramatically.
> Jim Accordino
> --- lrickert at wrote:
> >
> > Is it possible to hear a vacuum leak from within the
> > car? In my 87 4kq I can
> > hear a sucking air noise that comes and goes with
> > throttle opening. It appears
> > to be coming from the dashboard. The car doesn’t run
> > perfectly, but not too
> > badly either.
> >
> > thanks
> >
> > Luke
> >
> >
> >
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