Uneven pad wear ?

Donald Lamond dlam119 at bellsouth.net
Thu Sep 26 19:52:03 EDT 2002

Thanks to everyone that replied.  It ended up being a bent guide pin,
one on each side.  It was  so slight that I couldn't see it without my

One thing of note here is that the pin had to be pushed all the way in,
as hard as i could, to make it stick.  It was free up until what felt
like the last quarter inch.  I then had to use pliars to release it.

The first couple of times that I pushed it in, I would stop when I felt
what seemed to be the end of the opening.  That was actually where it
would start to bind.  When the piston would push it, some real pressure
was applied and it would stick and not be able to retract.

All's well, ta dah, ta dah, ta dah.

Thanks Again Everyone,
84 4Ks

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