connecting piece on turbo to IC hose

Konstantin Bogach kbogach at
Mon Sep 30 22:39:46 EDT 2002

I called a local dealer (Princeton, New Jersey) and they quoted me for this
hose $28.  I was under impression that it close to $100 and asked them to check
that the price they were giving to me was for right part.  It was confirmed.  I
have ordered it.  If it blows next one will be samco.

Thanks to everyone responded to my question.


Nicholas Lawrence wrote:

> Hello,  I just bougth two, local dealers wanted 45-55, I got mine from
> Thoroughbred Motors for -$25 each.
> I don't have the phone number in front of me but if you need it I'll get it
> right away.
> Nick
> -

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