steering grease for rack, AOF 063 000 04

Ken Keith
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 06:23:45 -0700 (MST)

Well, I called the local VW dealer here and ordered the steering grease, de=
scribed as "gear grease" in the Bentley, so I can lube my plastic bushing a=
nd whatever else needs it in the rack I'm putting into my '88 5kcstq.

I bought some Sta-Lube Moly-Graph, but decided since it was late in the wee=
kend anyways, I may as well hold off on putting it back together until I at=
 least try to source the "actual" grease, by p/n.

At first the guy couldn't pull up the part number, but I persisted until he=
 got it to accept it.  He wanted to refer me to the Audi dealer, but they p=
retty much suck out here.  Even for the stuff I think they should have and =
I shouldn't mind getting from them, like flywheel bolts, they would have to=
 special order.  The Audi dealer even mentioned to me that they reuse the b=
olts sometimes.

Anyhow, supposedly the grease is going to cost me $11.  The tube of moly-gr=
aph I bought was like $2, and I found some of the same exact stuff already =
in my garage.  So, now I have plenty of moly-graph grease!  I imagine I'll =
have a lot left over of this correct grease as well.

Oh well, better to do it once the right way.  Even if it does take a bit lo=
nger...  okay a lot longer.

Btw, I received my Fuchs.  They are quite a nice looking wheel in person.  =
I don't think I've ever seen them up close.  Are the exposed metal areas cl=
earcoated?  They seem to be.  I wasn't able to find anything about cleaning=
 or polishing them in the archives.  Very light wheels too, as some posted.

Does anyone have that actual part number for the correct center caps for Fu=