Autocheck Warning Question

Beatty, Robert
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 11:29:16 -0500

The autocheck for the brakes requires an open circuit for the light to come
ON.  When the pads wear enough they wear through the wire and then the light
comes on.

Even if using non stock brake pads, you still should have the Autocheck
connector.  All the pads I have used both aftermarket performance and
ordinary ones from the auto parts store have come with the wiring built into
the pad.  If you dont have the wiring, just make a dummy plug out of your
old pads closing the loop of wire and the autocheck light will go out and
stay out.

Rob Beatty
86 5ktq
89 200tqa

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That's my understanding too. Now here's the million dollar question...

How come this light comes on when you don't have OEM pads plugged in?  To be
more specific my 5KTQ has non original brake pads and they don't have the
wires to plug in for the wear indicators.  My "Charlie Brown with
headphones" light is always on.  I expected that the worn OEM pads would
close the circuit and provide current to tell the autocheck the pads are
low.  I don't have any pads plugged in so the circuit should be open, and I
believe I SHOULDN'T have the light on.  Obviously I am wrong.  Anybody have
some insight?


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> Sounds like you're describing the brake pad wear warning.
> Taka
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> What does the following symbol mean in the Autocheck for a 1988 Audi
> 5000S Quattro?
> Yellow triangle with a circle in the middle.  The circle is bracketed
> with double semi circles in a bout a 40 degree arc.
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