re. Euro headlights????

Wed, 06 Feb 2002 15:41:58 -0700

Euros are expensive, granted, although new DOT lights cost nearly as
much. When it comes to performance however, there is no contest, extra
driving lights or not. I'm just running the standard 55/60 in my E4
relayed. The difference is day vs. night.

I would not want to drive with DOT lights ever again.


Ben Swann wrote:

> Roger stated [It amazes me that this thread reappears continually.  It
> further amazes me
> that people have 5000/200 TQ cars without European headlamps and actually
> drive them at night.  It is positively amazing to me that there are some
> who claim no noticeable difference with European headlamps.]
> I neither disagree or agree entirely - what I was implying, is that:
> 1) Although Eurolight lenses are better, what really make the noticable
> difference is the Wattage and that they are properly relayed.
> 2) They are far too expensive too justify in most cases.  A set of halogen
> driving lights does a good - perhaps better, perhaps not as good - of a job
> for far less.
> 3) They are not trivial to install properly.
> Just my opinion - and it is not like I haven't seen what properly set-up
> Eurolights can do.  I have also seen what properly set-up driving lights
> can do at far less expense and easier to install.  Get me a set of 200
> Eurolights with relays for $300 and I'll send a check for them right away (
> as soon as I finish paying for the other performance upgrades first).
> Ben