re. Euro headlights????

Wed, 6 Feb 2002 18:51:57 -0500

While you all may disagree with my opinion,
I feel that the installation of euro lights
on a type 44 is mandatory as a safety issue.
I was amazed at how poor the headlight
performance was when I got my 5ktq- I was not
able to drive at over 45mph in moderate rain at

I factor in proper lighting and braking ability
into the purchase of any car from now on, from
a safety standpoint.

I am unusual and a bit extreme in that respect,
I admit.

The only "proper" auxiliary lights to be used as
supplemental headlamps are marked as such- the
Hella 550XL being the most-cited example.

You can see the difference between your black Avant
with the 100 eurolights and the white Avant w/o,
can't you Ben?

Barring the purchase of a relayed european-spec light
system for the type 44, I strongly suggest the purchase
and proper relayed installation of Hella 550XLs (the XL
part is important) along with a relayed 9007 conversion
of the 9004 DOT lights.

The DOT lights are so poor that I can install a 24W brake
light lamp in the marker light position of the DOT lamps
and have the "marker lights" put out more light output on
a dark highway than the 9004 low beam. That's scary, if you
ask me.