!@#$% "driving" highbeams - RE: 200 to 100 headlight conversion

james accordino ssgacc@yahoo.com
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 16:02:03 -0800 (PST)

So... others have noticed this too.  Check your e-code
low beams when you come up behind others.  I can see
the scratches, smears and other stuff on their bumper,
but their passenger comparment is dark.  DUH!  Then
watch YOUR car when 1 of those A**holes with either-a
misaligned light, "driving lamps" or high beams on all
the time comes up behind you.  I could shave and not
miss any whiskers.  They light you up like you're in
your bathroom.  And they WONDER why I get pissed.
Just happened this morn, BTW.

Jim Accordino
PS I just started this tactic of moving over and then
blazing them when they pass.  Trying to get them to
fix their lamp or turn off the highs, although, this
might be stupid because I don't think they have a CLUE
what they're doing anyway.

--- BenediktRochow@oaktech.com wrote:
> >I installed 100 Eurolights with 85 W bulbs and
> properly relayed - great!
> >night into day.
> >Same type of 100 Eurolights with new lens but 55W
> unrelayed -  OK, but I'm
> >hard pressed to tell the difference between them
> and stock 5000 TQ lights.
> >I think some of this Eurolight greatness can
> actually be attributed to the
> >relaying and the higher wattage bulbs.  I know I
> have better things to
> >spend my hard earned $$ on.  Also the time required
> for proper
> installation
> >is outrageous IMO(made my own harnesses and fused
> relay panel).
> Disregarding other disadvantages of over-wattage DOT
> lights, you add
> significantly
> to the glare experienced by oncoming traffic. H4
> lights allow for much
> over-wattage
> on the low beams before anybody notices anything.
> >I've gotton the same results from a properly
> installed set of Bosch or
> >Hella driving lights at far less cost.
> I just recently realized that those lights sold as
> "driving lights"
> (a mystery name to me for a long time) in the US are
> otherwise
> (e.g. in the German-market Hella catalog) referred
> to as
> "auxiliary high-beams" - IOW, you're driving around
> with E-code high beams
> on
> (which of course have none of the anti-glare cut-off
> the E-code low beams
> provide)
> but hey, they're just for "driving", right?
> Which explains why
> 1. So many cars drive around with what looks like
> utterly blinding
> foglights,
> 2. When I flash at someone assaulting my eyes
> thusly, I get flashed back
> and the
> lights stay on, because the %^@&head knows he
> doesn't have his high beams
> on, and those
> driving lights couldn't possibly offend anybody,
> could they now?
> -gbr

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